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Corporate / Workplace Counselling

When companies offer confidential workplace counselling,everybody wins

  • 1 h
  • Hourly Basis

Service Description

The benefits of workplace counselling for employees include: Easy access to trained counsellors, A safe space to talk about their problems, Helping employees to better understand themselves Establishing or improving coping skills, Developing effective solutions to problems, Learning to look at issues with a more positive outlook and different perspective. While workplace counselling can be helpful to employees, there are also many benefits for employers: Improved employee performance, leading to productivity gains, Decreased employee absenteeism, Lower turnover rates among employees, Productive way to handle sensitive situations or staff members with problematic behaviours, Establish a reputation as an employer that cares about staff. It’s a win -win deal for any organization to have happy, countable, responsible and productive team to identify as their core strength. So, let's make it and take it with us. NB: -A counselling service offered often includes both one on one video counselling as well as a telephone-based helpline for a period of time or single session as per the nature of demand. We provide periodic counselling services for the employees of the companies on yearly basis/monthly basis too.

Contact Details

  • +91 9446350886

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